Product Quality

Although we offer many pipes and accessories made from a variety of materials and manufacturers, our glass products are primarily made by Molino Glass. Why? In a word, QUALITY! Founded in 2001, Molino Glass, is operated by a Swiss and an American Glass Blower. Both are accomplished artists in the glass blowing trade. They team up to set new standards for quality and unique, innovative designs. Using only the finest quality borosilicate glass they create a brain bending array of glass bongs and water pipes, bubblers, hammers, Sherlocks and other glass pipes including peanuts, spoons, animal pipes and chillums.

Their most famous creation is the Mad Scientist bong now being produced in its third version (because they just couldn't leave 2good enough2 alone). Molino also creates beautiful glass ashtrays, and some of the coolest herb storage jars to be found on the planet. And rest assured they do not engage in any shady or oppressive labor practices. supports and engages in Fair Trade practices to bring you the best products available anywhere at competitive prices.

All of our products are carefully selected by our American buyers and shipped to you from North America. If you don't find what you're looking for please let us know. But if we cannot obtain it within our standards…you won't see it here.

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