About US

Welcome to PipeMagic, your new online head shop! With a name like PipeMagic you may be wondering why you've never heard of us. Some of you may be wondering where we've been. Maybe you've seen the Twitter link to the 420 girl about PipeMagic and are wondering "Is that you?" The answer is both yes and no. That was the old PipeMagic under a previous owner. We're not sure why he decided to give it up but we're glad that he did! We bought the domain and have been steadily working for about a year to re-launch. Why so long? Because we want to offer the best selection of hand blown glass pipes, bongs, water pipes, bubblers, hammers, spoons and smoking accessories available at prices that will keep you coming back. We put excellence ahead of expediency. We could have launched sooner but we insisted on having excellent products at excellent prices with excellent service. Rest assured, now that we're here, we intend to stay!

A Brief History

We've been traveling and working all over the globe for more than a decade. During the course of those travels we've been seeking the best hand blown glass pipes, bongs, water pipes, bubblers and smoking accessories you could hope to find in a well stocked head shop. At the same time we've been researching the best way to bring those products to people who appreciate them as much as we do. The result is what you see here! We think you'll notice that we're not interested in buying junk and we don't think you are either. If you love what you find here don’t forget to tell your friends! And if you ever have a problem with anything you buy from us, we want to be the first to know about it and will work to make it right.

About the Product

There's a lot of bad information out there about foreign made glass. For the record, ninety-nine percent of the hand blown glass pipes and accessories available come from overseas. Anyone claiming differently is just trying to pull the wool over your eyes. Some even resort to some pretty lame scare tactics. Let's set the record straight. We do not drill holes or otherwise alter anything that we offer on our website. We sell it exactly the way we get it from the manufacturer. We don't buy from anyone using child labor or engaging in oppressive labor practices. One site we found goes so far as to assert that child prostitutes in Kosovo are used to make imported glass ware. We think that either they're smoking way too much of something or are relying on the hope that you are. And we won't feed you some story about our in house artist making all of our wares. Instead, we've sought out the best hand blown glass pipes, bongs, water pipes, bubblers, hammers, spoons and smoking accessories available worldwide and offer them at affordable prices.

We think you're smart enough to realize that you're already surrounded by products from all over the world. Sure, there's cheap lousy stuff to be found, both domestic and abroad. But happy customers come from demanding excellence. If you have any doubts, do a video web search for the Molino Mad Scientist. Molino (Mo-leen-o) is one of our premier suppliers and we carry a full line of their products. We chose them for their product quality and believe you'll see what we mean and then you'll come to realize that we mean what we say. Excellence and quality come first! We hope you enjoy your shopping experience with us and will come back and see us again soon!

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