Molino Premium Bong "Dirty Harry"


5mm thick, 50cm tall, Bent - (Available in 4 Colors)

Height 50 cm (19.70 Inches)
Diameter 5 cm (1.96 Inches)
Weight 900 gms (31.75 Ounce)
Cut 18.8 mm 
Diffuser Adapter 18.8 mm > 14.5 mm 
Diffuser Length 14 cm (5.5 Inches) 
Glass Thickness 5 mm
Ice Notches YES
Carb NO 
CupSize 14.5 mm


Product Description

Who but Molino could elevate simplicity to a new height? If you want a bong as sick as your Kryptonite herb then this is it. The 5mm is very durable and hard hitting, versatile piece that will get you on the puff bus at a great price. Jazz it up a little with one of the Molino in line pre-coolers (in the accessories section).


  • 5mm wall thickness for plenty of heft
  • 2mm engraved Molino lettering (several colors available)
  • No carbhole
  • Pearl diffuser
  • Ice notches (see the photo)

Not as heavy as the 7mm but still a well made durable piece


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  • Model: B5-004

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